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Keeping Children Safe Online information

Esafety Activity Pack

Tips for Parents - in-game chat

As the holidays approach, many children will be spending more time online and many will be having fun gaming and chatting with their friends online. The majority of children use gaming for socialisation over and above the actual game. It's one of the reasons Fortnite, COD, PUBG and other games are so popular. Below is a short video that parents may find useful

Each class has at least six e-safety lessons throughout the year.

Each year group will cover different areas from staying safe online to what it means to be a good 'Digital Citizen'.


This page contains links and information to help parents and carers to keep our children safe online.





Can a digital friend help children talk about their feelings? Check out the app below



The documents have been taken from the following websites: parentinfo.org, commonsensemedia.org

Please click on the link below for information about the app: