Your child may be bringing home a new phonics reading book

Your child’s class teacher will choose a book depending on the sound that they would like your child to focus on.

As you will see from the videos below we don’t expect for you to complete a book in one night. To use these books to their full potential , each book should be kept for at least a couple of days.

We have broken down a suggested reading session for you into bitesize videos. Please take a look as they will guide you on how to use these books.

Your child’s class teacher will change the book when they feel that your child is confident with that sound and can read with fluency and without any errors.

Your child may only bring one book home a week and that is ok, they need to be secure with that sound before moving on to the next book.


Reading with Phonics - Front Cover

Reading with Phonics - Page One

Reading with Phonics - Reading Practice

Reading with Phonics - Reading the Story

Reading with Phonics - Activities

Reading with Phonics - Re-visit Page One


Early Reading - Reception Class

Building on Reading Skills - Year 1

Developing Confidence as a Reader - Year 2

Building Independence - Year 3 & 4

Encouraging Reading Year 5 & 6

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