Pupil Voice @ St. Luke’s

At St. Luke’s children help to lead the school. We are given the power to make choices about our learning, our play and improving how our school works. We are also encouraged to help make changes beyond our school, to make things better for everyone. We are trusted!

Why is having a voice important?

Having a voice which is listened to and acted upon, helps us by:

  • Giving us the confidence to speak out more
  • Encourages us to think of  others and act maturely
  • Gives us the power to make choices – and learn how to do that well
  • Improves our social skills and discussions with others
  • Makes sure we are all equal
  • We enjoy school more because we helped make it how it is

In which ways do we have a voice?

There are lots of ways we are given the chance to have a voice. Here are some:

  • Weekly Learning Forums (when the whole school get together in small groups in the hall) to discuss different ideas to improve our school
  • Pupil choice – we can choose our level of challenge in learning – Cool Blue, Spicy Orange, Red Hot (even extra chilli sometimes!)
  • We agreed the ‘5Bs of Great Learning’ to help us make choices about our attitude towards learning and behaviour
  • We have a chance to lead – yes, really! – on different leadership teams across the school, such as School Council, House Captains, Playground Leaders, Charity Event Co-ordinators, Worship Leaders and Sports Crew.
  • In lessons and Learning Forums, we get to work with lots of other children and start to understand the viewpoints of other people.
  • We write self-assessment comments to our teachers to let them know what we might think or feel about our learning – and they write back!

What difference does it make?

  • We are more confident and willing to make good choices
  • We feel more valued and powerful within our school
  • Helps us feel more comfortable with decisions we may not agree with
  • It shows how important we are and we get to shape the school in our image

We would like to share some of the things that we have been doing –

Our pupils say it best 2023

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