Audio Drama Project

During the Autumn Term, our Year 5 pupils had the fantastic opportunity to work with Claybody Theatre to create an audio drama.

Each week, the children learned new skills that were needed to create an audio drama such as story boarding, character creating using sounds,  creating scenarios, making soundscapes and effects and more.


“We have loved our time at St Luke’s. All the children we met were inspiring and full of ideas. The audio drama created with Year 5 is so imaginative and great fun. They should be very proud of their brilliant work, and we hope they’ll continue to enjoy making stories with sounds.”  Conrad and Debbie, Claybody Theatre


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Our children had the opportunity to work with some amazing creatives along the way…

For our music creation and soundscape session, we had a visit from Faz Shah, a multi talented musician, a skilled violinist, pianist and beatboxer. Faz worked with the children to create a piece of music that features in the finished audio drama.

“Having the opportunity to watch the children be involved in creating their own audio drama has been incredible! The skills they have gained and their growth in confidence has been wonderful to see. It truly has been an amazing experience that the children and I will cherish.”  Miss Micklewright

“It has been such a fantastic experience for the children to get an insight in to the world of  the creative arts from professional artists and creatives. I hope that this will encourage the children to delve in to their creative side and pursue this further. This has certainly been a great platform to help their lights shine!”  Miss Kate

For our Characterisation session, we were joined by actors Jason Furnival and Heather Phoenix. They gave our children lots of ideas on how to deliver their lines and how to portray their characters through sound.

They explained how important it was to approach the characters in the right way for the story and how to deliver the lines in the way the director would like. They also talked about  how non-verbal vocalisations are used,  because the audience will only be able to hear and not see what is going on,  there needs to be as much detail through sound as possible. They told the children what it was like to be directed by a director and they also talked  about what it is like to be an actor on the radio, tv, film and in theatre.



“It was a truly engaging and affirming experience to take part in this workshop. The pupils were a delight;  it was clear to see from their participation and responses that they were all fully invested in and excited by the project.” Heather Phoenix, Actor

During the last day of this project, we turned the FAST Club kitchen in to our very own recording studio.  We recorded all of the voice work and Andy Partington made sure that it was all sounding great!

“It’s been a pleasure to help the children of St Luke’s bring their story ideas to life. Their enthusiasm and imagination is amazing, and hopefully they’ll enjoy listening back to what they’ve made, and be inspired to continue creating in the 
future.” Andy Partington, Sound Engineer

Conrad Nelson

Conrad is the Artistic Director of Claybody Theatre.

Conrad has been a director for many years and has directed plays  in the UK and in Germany and Canada too. Conrad is also an actor, musician and composer and has been in films, tv and also has lots of experience in radio drama.

Deborah McAndrew

Debbie is the Creative Director of Claybody Theatre.

Debbie is also an award winning playwright and actress with many years of tv and radio experience.  Debbie writes plays for many theatre companies not just for Claybody Theatre.

Faz Shah

Faz is a multi talented musician who can play keys, violin and also beatboxes, is a composer and actor.

Jason Furnival

Jason is an actor with many years experience in tv and film. He is also a very experienced theatre actor and has just returned from a year long tour of David Walliams’  Gangster Granny.

Heather Phoenix

Heather is an actor, singer and musician with many years experience.

Andy Partington

Andy is a sound engineer with many years experience working on  BBC Radio 4 The Archers.

Helen Slevin

Helen is a producer and works mainly with Claybody Theatre on their Educational strand.