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Engagement with the Eco-committee extends practices that promote our school aims of developing children who are: Successful Learners, Engaged Thinkers, Community Builders, Clear Communicators and Outward-Looking Leaders.

Each year, children from every class have the opportunity to apply for a position on the Eco-committee. The committee is then responsible for creating an action plan, which is shared through Learning Forum with the whole school and making sure that it is completed to the best of their ability. They work hard to address environmental issues, within the Eco-schools Awards, related to the following areas: Marine, Energy, Litter, Waste, Water, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Transport and Global Citizenship.

Our Eco – Committee members for 2022-2023

Year 6 – Blake and Harriet

Year 5 – Maisey and Olly

Year 4 – Dolce and Francesca

Year 3- Albert and Oona

Year 2- Evelyn and Marlie

Year 1- Alfie and Emily


What we have done so far.

Our EcoCommitttee members have been working really hard and our pleased to announce that they have gained a Bronze Award. They are continuing their work and are collaborating with Severn Trent to gain the Silver Award. We will keep you updated.

ECO Bronze

Let’s  help to reduce the plastic going into our oceans 

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