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Music is all around us! It is a universal language connecting people within our community and around the world! Here at St Luke’s, we aim to deliver an enriching music curriculum that gives every child the opportunity to develop their creativity, confidence, sense of community, a sense of achievement and a love of music! Music also facilitates the children’s appreciation and understanding of our ever-changing world and an appreciation of the value and importance of music in our community and celebrating diversity; locally, nationally and globally.

Our MUSIC curriculum aims to create children who:
· develop musical confidence to perform individually and in a group
· through listening, enjoy and have an appreciation of a wide variety of musical genres, great composers and musical traditions and developments from a variety of cultures
· develop an understanding and appreciation of how music is created through the inter-related dimensions eg. pitch, dynamics, texture, tempo, timbre and structure
· can use and understand musical language and include musical features in their own compositions and improvisation
· understand the power of music in enabling people to express and influence emotions
· develop an understanding of music notation to play a variety of instruments.



Here at St Luke’s we immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of music! In line with the National Curriculum, all children have the opportunity to sing, listen, perform, compose and evaluate through a range of musical experiences!
Our Music curriculum is delivered in many ways
1) Through weekly music lessons
2) Through our creative curriculum to allow for the application of skills
3) Through singing assemblies, various performances and school productions throughout the year
4) Through enrichment days
In our weekly music lessons, the children sing, listen, play untuned and tuned instruments, and evaluate their own and other’s compositions and performances. In doing so the children develop an increasing knowledge of musical language, and understanding of the elements of music. The children also learn to devise and read their own graphic scores and understand and use basic music notation.

Within our music curriculum, we use a variety of resources and schemes including ‘Sing Up’, ‘Charanga’, ‘BBC 10 pieces’ to enhance the delivery of music objectives and ensure our curriculum enriches the children’s musical experiences with a broad range of musical influences. Music topics often link with our creative curriculum themes enabling children to further build upon their learning and develop a deeper understanding of the music they are learning about. The children are provided with opportunities to showcase their classroom learning through performances in assemblies and virtually on our class dojo platform.
At St Luke’s, we are passionate about singing and performance! Children take part in a variety of performances throughout the year from Reception through to Year 6. As a church school, singing is also an integral part of our collective worship and church services.
Further music opportunities are provided for children through enrichment days including live performances and music workshops delivered by specialists, music projects and extra-curricular music clubs!
From KS2, children also have the opportunity to have individual or small group instrumental lessons on a weekly basis though Entrust music service.