Different science enquiry types within our lesson






Within our science curriculum, we focus on two aspects which are the disciplinary learning (working scientifically) and substantive learning (knowledge and understanding of science). We believe that through the 3 disciplines of science (biology, chemistry and physics) a high-quality science curriculum provides the foundation for children to understand and develop curiosity for the world they live in.  


St Luke’s science shapes for working scientifically





At St Luke’s we aim to teach science so that both substantive and disciplinary learning builds year on year where learning is consistently revisited. In order to revisit the children’s learning we have designed pre-learning tasks to revisit previous year group’s science objectives to enable children to build on long term memory and extend their knowledge each year. At the heart of our science curriculum lies our science shapes and the different enquiry types meaning children get a rich science experience whilst addressing the national curriculum objectives. We use our science shapes to enable children to improve their science skills which include predicting, asking questions, planning, recording, and analysing and explaining. Children are exposed to scientific vocabulary in our EYFS year group to ensure children embed the scientific vocabulary they require as a foundation for further learning in KS1 whilst also developing their underst

anding of the world. The organisation of our science curriculum has been linked to our whole school curriculum themes, where natural links are possible, to allow children to fully embed their learning.

Science STEM days are also used as stand-alone learning in order to further engage children with science and develop a love for learning.

Extra-curricular clubs are also offered to allow those children with a passion for science to gain the opportunity to be involved with more hands-on science activities.









We aim for the impact of our science curriculum with help our children are equipped with the knowledge required from the national curriculum objectives and the scientific skills needed to help them for future education and within their lives.

We aim for our curriculum to enable all children to leave St Luke’s with:
• An in-depth substantive knowledge of the primary science curriculum
• The ability to work as scientist using our science skills
• A rich vocabulary to help children move forward in their science learning
• Determination and high aspirations to succeed in Science- allowing their lights to shine



Different science enquiry types within our lesson