The health and wellbeing of our pupils is so important to us here at St. Luke’s.


ELSA is an acronym for Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Here at St Luke’s academy at present we have two fully trained members  of staff ; Mrs Dawes and Mrs Tatton who are ELSA network registered.

Role of an ELSA

  • To help children to recognise, understand and manage emotions.
  • Plan and deliver individual and sometimes small group support programmes.
  • Receive training and support from Summit Psychology Services Educational Psychologists.

Areas we can offer support with

  • Recognising and managing feelings.
  • Anger management.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Supporting Children through Loss and Bereavement.
  • Friendship skills.
  • Social Skills.

Benefits to the child

  • Able to build a good relationship with staff.
  • Feel supported, listened to and a sense of belonging.
  • Learn good coping strategies.
  • Feel good about themselves.
  • Interact appropriately with others.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Really enjoy the sessions.

Useful Links – ELSA Network

All of the below guides can be obtained from the school office

Self Esteem - a guide for parents

About Anger - a guide for parents

Separation Anxiety- a guide for parents

Emotions - a guide for parents

ELSA - a guide for parents

Grief - a guide for parents

St Luke’s CofE Academy Endon ELSA Certificate

100% I feel ELSA has had a huge positive impact on my child’s thinking/learning. He needed emotional support in a lot of areas friendships, building relationships, not wanting to win/be 1st all the time, thinking of others & how they feel, the way he acts around others his angry outbursts. I have seen a massive improvement in my child’s thinking at home & when we are out & about he is much more considerate to others & much calmer. I am delighted with what you are doing to help him. I think ELSA should be offered to more children/parents as it has a huge impact.

Parent of a child in year 4




I feel that the Elsa sessions that my child received have been invaluable and have helped her so much. I genuinely believe that they have had a huge impact on her school life, she’s gone from being distraught every morning not wanting to go school, to now skipping into school most days. Although there are still things that trigger her anxiety, school no longer seems to be one for the most part. I would whole heartedly recommend the Elsa sessions to any parents who feel that their child may need emotional support within school, as they have had such a positive impact on my child. Thank you so much for all of help and support this year, she has loved working with you.

Parent of a child in year 5


My daughter enjoys these sessions and feels as she get to choose who can be with her it gives her chance to mix with her friends, however she still remains to have a low self esteem and says people never choose her to do things as she is not any good at anything. I feel that with the continued help it will eventually give her chance to gain some self-esteem. I would recommend the support.

Parent of a child in year 5


My child has benefited so much from your support in more ways than one! She has struggled with her emotions and unable to vocalise her feelings and with a person outside her circle she has really taken some steps forward. I feel

she requires a lot more mental support than I as her mother can give her and for her to express her feelings through positive creativity has been pure joy for her. She looks forward to her “break” from school work, which we know is a real struggle for her. I feel that if she didn’t have this additional support we would have a different child today. I would absolutely recommend ELSA if it means that your child feels heard and is struggling with early signs of mental illness or is feeling overwhelmed with their emotions.

Parent of a child in year 3


My child has really been missing talking to you, you have helped him so much with his emotions. I find he will open up to me more than before and talk more freely yet some things he still says he would rather share with you so this is obviously a safe space for him.

My child is not an angry boy, he is so gentle that I think these emotions he has felt have confused him. But his time with you has allowed him to see that it’s normal to feel anger and sad and that he can talk about it. I would hope he could continue ELSA in Sept and I would definitely recommend it to other parents 100% I can’t thank you enough for the time you have given my child, the beautiful things he made (cupcakes were our fave) and how it has helped him. He also has an older brother with ADHD and learning difficulties which impacts his home life immensely. He had obviously picked up tips on how to stay calm when his brother upsets him and how to deal with his feelings towards his brother. I think he felt his brothers behaviour was a sign of not loving him but he seems to understand that he does not mean what he is doing and it is just a part of his conditions which has aided in our home life.

Parent of a child in year 1

Through the Staffordshire University Academies  Trust we also have a designated Health and Wellbeing consultant.

Congratulations to Year 6 for completing the .b course in mindfulness and well-being with Amy Hatfield.





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