Fabulous Phonics at St. Luke’s CE Academy


We are aspirational in our desire to ensure that all of our children are able to read age-appropriate texts, independently at a speed of 90 words per minute by the end of KS1! (WOWSERS!) On a daily basis our children are introduced to a range of ambitious vocabulary with an expectation that they articulate these correctly.
Our intent is that all children keep up, and do not need to catch up. We are driving this by following the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.


Children in Reception and Year 1 receive high quality, whole class teaching with well-structured daily lesson plans. Children are supported in their developing knowledge by a continuous review of learnt sounds in words, and in isolation. Children who need support are given it instantly in order to reduce gaps before they inhibit reading progress.

Children are given the skills and knowledge to become independent readers, supported by reading books that are closely matched with their developing phonic knowledge.

Harder to read and spell words are taught daily alongside grapheme-phoneme correspondences to develop children’s reading fluency. To support children with the spelling of words we use the following symbols.

Half termly diagnostic assessments across the school allow us to track progress and to identify gaps in children’s knowledge or understanding. Interventions are then planned and delivered to target

  • Oral blending
  • Grapheme/ phoneme correspondence recognition
  • Blending for reading


In the summer term, all pupils in year 1 are required to take a national phonics screening test. The test comprises of real words and pseudo (alien/made up) words to ascertain children’s grapheme understanding. 2022-2023’s cohort achieved an above national 87% pass rate. It is our intention to continuously improve this in the upcoming years!