Safeguarding and the welfare of our children is paramount here at St. Lukes

Below,  is a Safeguarding Policy which has been written by members of our School Council, who then shared it in a learning forum.

Safeguarding in our curriculum

Road safety sessions

Our school is situated on a very busy main road. We are currently campaigning for a crossing outside of our school. In the meantime we were really grateful to Mr Cope from Staffordshire County Council Road Safety team who came to deliver the stepping out programme with Year 3 and 4.


Seatbelt Safety

Year 1 and 2 took part in a very important session about seatbelt safety. Mr Cope, who has come to talk to us about seatbelt safety. We carried out two experiments with Humpty Dumpty. One of which he was wearing his seatbelt, one where he was not. We made predictions and discussed the impact. We have added a height chart to see if we are tall enough to ride without a safety/ booster seat and made reminder posters. We now know how important it is to wear our seatbelts at all times. Well done, Year 1 and 2!


Bikeability in Year 4 and 6

Our children have loved their annual Bikeability sessions, which build upon the scooter skills and learn to ride session in KS1. Bikeability is the government’s national cycle training programme. It helps you learn practical skills and understand how to cycle on today’s roads.

Bikeability gives everyone the confidence to cycle and enjoy this skill for life.

Bikeability Level 2 teaches you to

  • Start and stop with more confidence
  • Pass stationary vehicles parked on a road
  • Understand the road: signals, signs and road markings
  • Negotiate the road: including quiet junctions, crossroads and roundabouts
  • Share the road with other vehicles