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What Art looks like in EYFS



At St Luke’s we aspire to allow all children’s lights to shine which is perfectly suited to the creativeness and diversity within our art curriculum. We believe that providing children with an art curriculum that links to our core themes, that explore historical and cultural diversity, will help to provide opportunities for our children to express their own creativeness and uniqueness through art. Within the art curriculum at our school, we have carefully built upon core art skills and techniques from EYFS to UKS2 to consolidate children’s fine motor skills and allow them to develop as artists. The children are exposed to a variety of artists, sculptures, and designers to allow children to understand the development of art throughout history and to also study art and artists that had an impact on our local area.  We hope that all children can leave with an appreciation and enjoyment of art.  



In line with the aims of the national curriculum’s expectations, we have developed an art curriculum that allows all pupils to experiment and create art inspired by the work of great artists and to reflect children’s own creativity. Key art skills such as drawing, painting, and printing have been carefully mapped out and differentiated throughout the whole school to build upon skills. Opportunities to evaluate and analyse others art and their own have been provided to allow children to form their own opinions on art. Children’s focus is draw towards great artists, designers, and sculptures throughout our core themes so they can develop an understanding of the historical and cultural development and impact of art. Art vocabulary is used continuously and at an increasing standard as children move throughout the school to allow children to discuss art.

Break down of art curriculum steps per half term:

1. Learn about artists/craft makers/designers/sculptors and talk and discuss their work using the language of art.

2. Record, observe, experiment, explore inspired by focus artist.

3. Refine and increase proficiency with skills and techniques desired

4. Create a final piece using skills.

5. Analyse and Evaluate using language of art.





  We hope that through our art curriculum children will leave St Luke’s with the following: 

  • Be inspired by and have knowledge of a range of artists, designers and sculptures including their different styles of art  
  • Can effectively use a range of artistic skills to create their own pieces of art with an understanding of why they have selected certain techniques 
  • Be able to show their creativity and their visions through their art through experimenting with techniques, showing their lights shining as individuals  
  • Be able to talk about others and their own art using subject specific vocabulary such as pattern, shape, form and more and form their own opinions of art 
  • Evaluate and analyse artwork including others and their own 
  • Understand historical and cultural developments within art through learning about great artists