Christmas Fair

A great big THANK YOU, goes out to our Fantastic PSA! Our children had a fantastic time on Friday at...

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National Online Safety School

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded National Online Safety status for 2020-2021. Th...

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Charity Nominations 2020 – 2021. The results are in!

Please head to the Charity Committee page for detailed information. Thanks for voting....

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Meet the Teacher

Please visit our class pages to find our Meet the Teacher information...

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Year 2 Harvest Celebration

Our Year 2 Harvest Celebration is now live. Please head over to the News page and click on the link....

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Our 1st Charity event of the Year!

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Trust with our first event...

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New Online Safety information

Please check out our Esafety page for new and updated information.

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Year 2 celebrating Christmas with the Cbeebies gang


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We are proud to be a part of SUA Trust

Join The Trust

SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The services provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.