Worship Leaders at St Luke’s CE Academy

2 children from every class across from Year 1 upwards are worship Leaders. As with all of our leadership roles, the children present to their class on why they would like to apply for this role. In keeping with our motto helping Lights Shine for All- Luke 11:33, the applications can take any form; they may be in the form of a speech, letter, poster, video or even a song. The classes all hold democratic votes to decide who is elected. Our worship leaders support with both class and collective worship.

During regular meetings, they help to develop our Christian distinctiveness, improving our worship, launching competitions, planning for worship, leading on whole school projects, charitable work, to engage in community events, prayer readings, changing our class worship area displays and liturgical colours and also encouraging the participation of others in response to our worship and reflection.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • to read prayers and Bible readings
  • to lead whole school Collective Worship Anglican greeting
  • attend regular meetings with the staff team and members of the church
  • feedback ideas for themes for worship, prayers and hymns
  • to promote faith in our school
  • to promote courageous advocacy in our school
  • to be active agents of change within our community

Meet our Worship Leaders for 2023





Our Worship Leaders for 2023-2024

Year 6 – Max- Lee and Samuel

Year 5 – Hope and Pearl

Year 4 – Jacob and Ruby

Year 3 – Isobel and Maggie

Year 2-  Alyla-Rose and Lilly

Year 1- Effie and Redd

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