Our SEND Vision

St Luke’s core moral purpose is encapsulated in the Academy’s vision statement: ‘Helping lights shine for all’ Luke 11:33

All members of the school community are equally respected in an inclusive setting where every child thrives and meets their individual potential. Through effective teaching and learning, support and encouragement and working closely with parents, carers and outside agencies we enable the fulfilment of each child’s potential.

At St Luke’s, we believe that every pupil, regardless of gender, race or disability, has a right to equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Therefore, our curriculum is designed to consider every child’s starting point and the small steps they need to succeed through reasonable adjustments, resources, visual aids and a common language of concept maps and shapes.

Please read the following documents for further information

SEND Policy

SEND Local Offer 2022- 2023

St Luke’s curriculum statement

Accessibility Plan