In RE we have been learning all about the creation story focusing on unpicking the stories within Genesis.  We have created some beautiful prayers to show our appreciation for God in our year 4 prayer book.


We have also started to create a year 4 memories book (inspired by one of our year 4 pupils) so we can note down any special memories we have along our journey together.

Topic RE
Autumn   Term 1 Water – Shouldn’t we all have some ?  Topic Overview Creation & Fall – What do Christians learn from theCreation story?
Autumn Term 2 Our changing village- Land use and houses over time Topic Overview Incarnation / God – What is the Trinity?
Spring Term 1 Vikings – Invaders or settlers? Sikhism – What do Sikhs believe?
Spring Term 2 Roaches & Rainforests- Traditional lifestyles at risk Kingdom of God – What kind of world did Jesus want?
Summer Term 1 Ancient Egyptians – Dictatorship or democracy? People of God – What is it like to follow God?
Summer Term 2 Mighty Potters – Josiah Wedgwood, the abolitionist! Islam – What can we learn from a mosque?

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