Thursday 22nd November

A few of our children were selected to attend the official opening of the new Co-op Store in Endon. 

Term: Autumn Term 1&2

Topic: Titanic

For the second half of Autumn Term 1 and Autumn Term 2 We will be studying the Titanic, Through this we will find out what life was like during the Edwardian era. 
On Monday 23rd November we travelled to Liverpool to visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum to see the Titanic Exhibition. The first part of the day we spent looking around the exhibition, we saw artefacts that had been rescued from the Titanic such as a life jacket, a maids apron, a pair of glasses, signs and name plates from the lifeboats. We found out more information about some of the passengers and crew who were on board. We also understood the severity of the disaster 
towards the end of the exhibition where we saw lists of all the crew and passengers , these were colour coded green for those who died and black for those who survived. We managed to find some of the names that we had hear of in our topic lessons.

After lunch we had a workshop. This was led by Dave. He played the role of Robert Hitchins, crew member in charge of Lifeboat 6. We found out more about how the passengers were sorted in to lifeboats, how the rivets (that held the metal together) were made, how a first class passengers dog took a space on the lifeboat over a passenger and lots more. 
This was a brilliant workshop. So in all we had a fantastic day.


Term: Autumn Term 1

Topic: Highwayman

For the first half of the Autumn Term we studied the poem by Alfred Noyes - The Highwayman.
We also looked at infamous Highway men from history such as Dick Turpin and Ned Kelly


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