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We have had lots of fun so far in year 4 where we have been learning all about how our water gets cleaned. 
We enjoyed a fabulous visit from Severn Trent where they showed us exactly where our water travels in order to come through our taps clean and fresh. Also, in our topic surrounding water access we have been exploring the hemispheres of the earth and how these impact upon the seasons and climates around the world. We have created some brilliant diagrams to show this!
In RE we have been learning all about the creation story focusing on unpicking the stories within Genesis.  We have created some beautiful prayers to show our appreciation for God in our year 4 prayer book. 
We have also started to create a year 4 memories book (inspired by one of our year 4 pupils) so we can note down any special memories we have along our journey together. 


  Topic RE
Autumn   Term 1                                


Water - Shouldn't we all have some ?       Topic Overview

Creation & Fall - What do Christians learn from theCreation story?

Autumn Term 2              Our changing village- Land use and houses over time     Topic Overview         Incarnation / God - What is the Trinity?
Spring Term 1 Vikings - Invaders or settlers? Sikhism - What do Sikhs believe?
Spring Term 2 Roaches & Rainforests- Traditional lifestyles at risk Kingdom of God - What kind of world did Jesus want?
Summer Term 1 Ancient Egyptians - Dictatorship or democracy? People of God - What is it like to follow God?
Summer Term 2 Mighty Potters - Josiah Wedgwood, the abolitionist! Islam - What can we learn from a mosque?