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Dear Children,

This is your chance to show everyone how clever and amazing you are. We hope that you enjoy the activities we have planned for you.

 Keep in touch and watch this space for what we have in store for you next week.

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Mrs Elkin and all the staff.


This page provides links to external sites that we would like your child/ children to access in order to continue with their learning over then next few weeks. This page will be updated weekly.






Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,  just as in fact you are doing.

        1 Thessalonians 5:11


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Calling all budding photographers- why not take part in our photography competition !

What natural beauty can be found in your garden ?   This can be anything from a tree, a flower or  a minibeast or even your pet.

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Easter Week Home Pack

The Easter Journal





Week 1and 2

Letter formation - uppercase and lowercase

High Frequency words in place of Reading Rockets and Spelling Spiders

Roll and Write

Part, part whole mat




Literacy Other  Physical/           mindfulness
Monday Compare lengths and heights Focus on the short OO sound which sounds U eg. Foot, wool, good, hood, wood

Read through the text, Jack and the beanstalk


Good Friday



Do some exercise.


P.E with Jo Wicks 9am live
Tuesday Measure length

Tricky words: 

Read and spell-

Oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked.


C as in cell (soft c sound).

Recap the story

Question first and then complete the worksheet. 

Wednesday Measure length 2

Tricky words: 

Read: Where, who, once, because, water.

Write: one, do.

Recap: silent c sound.

Teach: ie sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBqj6SPlG-0

Use adjectives to describe Jack, ensure children can see the picture of Jack. Take ideas from them first and write them down - what does he look like? How does he feel? How did he act towards other characters in the story? 


Differentiated challenge cards 

Recap tricky words from Tuesday: 

Teach: soft g sound – sounds j eg, danger, gentle.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL4WykIuCRw

Please see worksheet -

Verbs and nouns

Children may need support or a reminder of what verbs and nouns are, watch the videos below

Verbs-  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/zpxhdxs

nouns- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/zpd8ng8


Based on the learning that your child has  completed over the last two weeks, choose something that you feel they may need to do more work on.

Recap tricky words from Wednesday: Where, who, once, because, water.

Teach silent k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP3-PCK8bk0

Children practise words from the video in their homework book.

Complete the silent K worksheet.

 Children will rewrite the story in their homework book using their own characters/different seeds/different animals/ different musical instruments etc



                                    Maths                                                               Literacy                                                             Spellings                           Other Physical/ Mindfulness               

Understand the equivalence of ½ and 2/4.

 Work through PPT.

 Activity- Complete 1 of each of the fluency activities like you would at school

Link the meaning of new words to words we already know.

This week you have a fact file to read.  You will use the same fact file each day like we would in school.

As you are reading make note of any of these tricky words. 


‘el’ is much less common than ‘le’.  Unlike ‘le’ it is often used after non-ascenders or descenders.


Activity- Choose a spelling activity from the pack
Choose one project from the homework menu.

Mindfullness activities



Understand the equivalence of ½ and 2/4.

 Work through PPT.

 Activity- Complete 1 of each of the problem solving and reasoning activities like you would at school.

Identify the features of a non-fiction text.

 Answer questions 

Identify the features of this particular non-fiction text.

al’ is less common than ‘le’.  Very few nouns end in ‘al’ but many adjectives do.


Activity- Choose a spelling activity from the pack

Count in fractions.

Work through PPT.

 Activity- Complete 1 of each of the fluency activities like you would at school

Understand the purpose of the features of a non-fiction text.

 Answer questions 

Match the feature to its purpose

Use ‘al’ if the ending is a suffix (comic-comical, arrive-arrival, centre-central).


Activity- Choose a spelling activity from the pack.


Count in fractions.

Work through PPT.
Activity- Complete 1 of each of the problem solving and reasoning activities like you would at school.

Understand the purpose of the features of a non-fiction text.

 Answer questions 

Explain the purpose of each feature of the text

Spelling test.


Write the words in a list under the correct heading.


If you get any wrong make sure you practice them 3 times in a row.




Fractions consolidation.

 This is a day to practice answering fractions questions. 

Activity- work through the questions

Understand the purpose of the features of a non-fiction text.

Answer questions 

Find examples of each feature within the given text



Write a sentence for each of your spelling words

Try and vary the sentence types you are writing.

How unusual that animal is!

Can you get me a towel please mum?

This is my final sentence.



  Maths                                         Literacy                                                                                                                               Other                                                             Physical/ Mindfulness



Unit and Non - Unit Fractions



Make a start on practicing 8 of your spellings from the ‘year 3 home pack advice and useful links’ document. Look up the meaning of the words if you’re unsure and try to write them in a sentence. 

See if you can challenge yourselves with some tricky words 


Make sure you are trying to read everyday still


Science- The Skeleton

Geography - Map SKills

RE- Messages from the stories




Tuesday Unit and Non -Unit Fractions   Poetry - read through both poems and circle the words at the end of the lines that rhyme
Wednesday Making the whole Rhyming words- draw bubble maps or list words that rhyme with the following - 

HOME             HARD            LEARN            WRITE            ADD          SPELL            DAY              FUN     


Making the whole

Poem writing - use the rhyming words you created yesterday to help you write a poem about learning at home instead of school
Friday Tenths Poem writing - write a poem about whatever you want! You might write short or long poem and it may or may not rhyme. See if you can then perform your poem to someone at home and see what they think about it




Times tables weekly focus: x4, x8 (double x4) play one of the games each day.


Spelling focus: homophones long ‘I’


Other Physical / Mindfulness


Week 1 lesson 3: Tenths on a Place Value (PV) chart

(ppt and choice tasks)


Day 1: Traditional Tales



Water Cycle Game

States of Matter Crossword



BBC Bitesize – What is a map?

How to use a map


Map zone website – compasses and directions


 Carrot origami for the bunny you made last week.


Joe Wicks – the ‘Nations PE Teacher’

You can access his youtube  PE session daily from 9am Monday – Friday

Keep a daily exercise log
Week 1 lesson 4: Tenths on a number line
(ppt and choice tasks

Day 2: Traditional Tales

Multiply and divide by 10 and 100 (decimals)


Day 3: Traditional Tales




Week 2 lesson 2: Hundredths
 Frank’s clever window


Week 2 lesson 3: Hundredths
Poetry task






  Maths Literacy Other Physical/Mindfulness

Step 7 order and compare decimals


Spelling and new vocabulary












Tuesday Step 8 – understanding percentages

Reading task Kensuke chapter one


Wednesday Step 9 percentages as fractions

Writing task complete a fact file using success criteria



Times table challenge

Continue to practise percentages

Reading task Baders WW2

Friday Step 10 equivalent fractions decimals percentages

Writing task – write a letter to someone you know who is self isolating and send it!

Please keep reading and fill in your reading journal.

              Maths                                                                                                       Literacy                                                                                                    Other Physical / Mindfulness
Monday Arithmetic and problem solving task packs 

Look at new weekly spellings

Writing opportunity/stimulus:

Picture – Spring Equinox 2020

Task one – use senses map once again to gather what you’d sense in this setting… just imagine the beautiful scent in the air!

Sentence type focus: Modal verbs

Weekly project:


Science – Purple mash 2do –  how a light bulb works in a circuit


Additional if chosen:


Purple mash 2do – monster multiplication

Introduce mindfulness PowerPoint


Mindfulness Challenge Cards

Tuesday Arithmetic and problem solving task packs

Sentence type focus: A range of sentence openers

Wednesday Arithmetic and problem solving task packs

Sentence type focus: Expanded noun phrases including metaphors

Thursday Arithmetic and problem solving task packs

Sentence type focus: Personification

Friday Arithmetic and problem solving task packs

Extended write

Spelling assessment

Upload to Purple Mash  - 2do has been set