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11th May updates: Newsletter    Class weekly overviews,  weekly blessing, weekly RE activity,  photo challenge, Live Theatre- A Tigers Tale



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  Dear Children,

This is your chance to show everyone how clever and amazing you are. We hope that you enjoy the activities we have planned for you.

 Keep in touch and watch this space for what we have in store for you next week.


Mrs Elkin 


Newsletter 6th April 2020

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Newsletter 4th May 2020

Newsletter 11th May 2020

This page provides links to external sites that we would like your child/ children to access in order to continue with their learning over then next few weeks. This page will be updated weekly.





I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

         Philippians 4:13



We will display as many as we can.

Parents, by sending in photographs you are giving permission to display them here.


 Freddie and Lily











Text column 2Finn
Text column 3
Text column 4
Text column 1
Text column 2
Text column 3
Text column 4
A new book published to help explain...

Helplines                        Staying Safe Online                   Childline         

NSPCC Covid-19 advice      NSPCC books for children

Please remember to follow our rules for staying safe online.                                 

We now have new E-safety activities for you to complete. Please click on the link below for your age group


4-5's                   5-7's                  8-10's                    11-13's



Singing with Miss Morris


M6 Theatre Company have given free access to their perfomance of  A Tiger's Tale . They even have an activity booklet to go a long with it .Take a look.....   https://m6theatre.co.uk/latest/tt/

Sports challenge

Are you a Dragon?

Are you good at inventing things?  why not take a look at the website below. They are a local company who are offering "Home School Challenge” – a series of fun, free, weekly challenges designed to test your enterprise and employability skills." you could even win a prize!

Take a look 👇


Fancy yourself as a comedian, gotta a joke you want to share with us, we'd love to hear them. 

Send your joke to photos@st-lukes-endon.staffs.sch.uk 


Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have a recipe that you'd like to share with us.

Send it in to see it posted here.

Send your recipes to photos@st-lukes-endon.staffs.sch.uk


Get out your paper, pencil, crayons and paints and show us your skills

Follow the link above to see how Axel Scheffler draws the Gruffalo. Have a go. We would love to see them

Send your drawings to  photos@st-lukes-endon.staffs.sch.uk


Calling all budding photographers- why not take part in our photography competition !

This weeks theme is Smiles

For a chance to win and have your photographs added  here to our Home Learning page, email your photos by Friday to  -


Congratulations to the winners of last weeks photos -

Due to technical issues last week , here are a few more entries from our minibeasts theme


Ethan and Esme









  We hope to update this feature each week.

Note to parents, by entering this competition and sending us your photos , you are giving  
permission to share them  online.

Mmmm.....  I wonder what this could be ? Clink the title below to find out





The Lost Sheep







(see plan)

Brain     Break



(See Plan)    




Reading          Challenge         
Monday To manage their own basic hygiene (i.e. washing their face/hands, brushing                         teeth, going to the toilet etc.) and get dressed independently

High Frequency Words


Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imhi98dHa5w      Comparing circles and cylinders  Use knife and  fork correctly                                        

Choose from           Hansel and Gretel activities sheet

Be creative! Can you think of you own activity or a new skill that you would like to practice and learn



Look up the artist Kandinsky. Can you be inspired to create your own ‘circles’ using either paint, crayons, chalk etc.


Can you continue to read every day?

E-Books Oxford Owl have many free on-line book titles for you and your child to access. Create a login on  www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Don’t forget to practice quick recognition of High Frequency Words 


'ur' sound


Dance with Shapes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B6Ge0FzHG0

Comparing squares and rectangles Use knife and fork correctly

High Frequency Words

Getting in Shape with 2D Shapes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lKTEBQkpR4 Making different types of triangles  Use knife and fork correctly

'er' sound

Can’t Stop the Feeling Go Noodle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6eTDfkvPmo

 Repeated coloured shape patterns Use knife and fork correctly

ur/er spelling


Cosmic Kids Yoga Star Pose

Make your own repeated patterns Use knife and fork correctly



                                                 Maths                                              Literacy Other    Physical / mindfulness

Sharing equally




Watch the video: Summer term week 1 lesson 3 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/


Reading and comprehension


Phonics –

 ue sound

Science/ PSHE – How to keep our teeth healthy



Jo Wicks 9am every day



Fractions – Find a half

Summer term week 1 lesson 4






Phonics –

ey sound


What do Christians believe God is like?



Yoga: https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEB&search_query=yoga+for+kids

Wednesday Fractions – Find a half

Story map


Phonics –

ew sound

Art and design


Design a rocket ship to match the literacy text. 
Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsSS5kMpKCaJ_HhTM9-HKHg
Thursday Fractions – Find half of an amount

Plan and rhyming



Phonics –

ea sound



Fractions – Find half of an amount problem solving

Write a poem




                                    Maths                                                               Literacy                                                            



Physical/ Mindfulness               

        Fact families to 20 Fluency activities 

Reading- Good Little Wolf- Vocab Writing- Identify the features of a character description. Spelling- Homophone Riddles 

R.E Please see school home learning page. 
History Who was Dr. Martin Luther King? https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhry382 Learn about the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King. 
Geography https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zk9tpg8 Learn about Nigeria - its environment and culture, with an introduction to the wider continent of Africa including South Africa and Kenya. 
Science https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrh8wty Learn about the basic parts of a plant. 
Music Charanga https://charanga.com/site/log-in/ 
Art Cubist 3D painting on an egg box https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zyxb6fr Create your own 3D painting! 


Purplemash 2do - 2 paint - pointillism in the style of George Seurat



P.E 9:00am every day-P.E with Joe Wicks https://www.youtube.com /user/thebodycoach1/video s or Physical activity challenge cards. Pick 1 a day. (Make sure you try different ones) 
Mindfulness Mindfulness challenge cards. Pick 1 a day. (Make sure you try different ones) or Mindfulness colouring 
P4C (discussion)  Discussion cards. Pick one a day. or Watch an episode of “What’s the big idea?” https://www.bbc.co.uk/ipl ayer/episodes/b01rh5p3/w hats-the-big-idea 


Fact families to 20 Fluency activities

Reading- Good Little Wolf - prediction Writing- Plan what you are going to write. Spelling- Homophone word search 


        Fact families to 20 Fluency activities

Reading- Good Little Wolf - expressing views. Writing- Use conjunctions Spelling- to, two and too 

Fact families to 20 Fluency activities

Reading- Good Little Wolf - sequencing Writing- write expanded noun phrases. Spelling- Their, there and they’re

.Fact families to 20 Problem Solving and Reasoning.

Reading- Good Little Wolf - expressing views. Writing- Use conjunctions Spelling- to, two and too 






  (Timetables weekly focus:

4’s and 3’s) 


 Spelling focus: See list of spellings

then complete test on purple

mash on Friday (Y£ Aut2 Wk2)


Other                                                             Physical/ Mindfulness

Time- Months and Years

Read Chapter 4, 5 and 6 of Beowulf then answer comprehension questions

RE -  Go to our school website, on the home learning page, where you will find a weekly RE activity based on Parables



History/Geography - Anglo-Saxons Village Life




Science- What do plants need to grow well?



*Art- Draw artwork for your story



Mindfulness Activities:






Exercise Activities:





See if you can do these exercises 10 times each:

Star jump

High knees on the spot

Heel flicks on the spot

Touch your toes then jump up high

Sit ups

Press ups

Sprinting on the spot (10 seconds)



Why not try and make an exercise video or exercise plan of your own?



Tuesday Time- Hours in a day Plan a short story that includes the monster you created from last week (using pronouns and possessive apostrophes)
Wednesday Time- Telling the time to 5 minutes Write up you story with matching artwork*

Time- Telling the time to the minute

Go through your story with a different colour pen to edit
Friday Time- RECAP Read chapter 7, 8 and 9 then write a book review!




This week you will be applying your knowledge
of the times tables facts that you’ve been practising.


Spelling focus:

Set 2 of statutory list

Other Physical / Mindfulness

Summer Term Week 4 lesson 1:

Multiply 2-digit number by 1-digit number


Activity sheet is downloadable from this website
Activity sheet is downloadable from this website

 Day 1: Read, answer comprehension 

questions, make predictions

History:  In Ancient Egypt, everyone wanted a light heart.  What does this mean and why this was so important to everyone – from slaves and their masters to the Pharaoh?


RE: See activities on the school website


Art:  https://art-educ4kids.weebly.com/egyptian-art.html

Scroll down to the ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ part.  Follow the steps to create an Egyptian portrait of the God of your choice.


Music:  Use your login details to access activities on the YUMU website

Why not try some of the yoga poses with your Parents?

Use the cards in the resource pack.


Summer Term Week 4 lesson 2:

Multiply 3-digit number by 1-digit number

Activity sheet is downloadable from the White Rose website Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 2

Day 2:  Reading- practise spotting adverbials.  Writing – using adverbials


Summer Term Week 4 lesson 3:

Divide 2-digit number by 1-digit number

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ (Week 3, w/c/4th May)

Activity sheet is downloadable from this website

Day 3:  Fronted adverbials


Watch the learning video, play the game, practise moving the adverbial phrase to the front of the sentence.


Summer Term Week 4 lesson 4:

Divide 3-digit number by 1-digit number


(Week 3, w/c/7th May)
Activity  sheet is downloadable from the White Rose website Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 4
Day 4:  Purple Mash 2Do Campsite Jim
Mathletics Tasks
These tasks link with the 4 lessons above.  You can complete them alongside the lesson each day or complete them all today. 
Day 5:  Plan and write a story, including adverbials in their writing.



  Maths                                                   Literacy Other   Physical/Mindfulness  

Decimals topic – please use the teaching notes from week one to help with understanding.

Step 10 -- Power point and complete one challenge  - decimal squares

Spelling test and learning new spellings for this week (see resources for the list)


Science - How do planets move in our solar system? Watch the video and write your own quiz! (see Science resources folder)


Topic - Ancient Greek project! ‘What was it like to live in an Ancient Greek family?’


RE - Visit the home learning tab on the school website, explore the ‘Weekly RE activity’!


Choose a creative activity off the creative menu


Music - YUMU activity!


Computing - See 2Do on purple mash







Try out some yoga with Cosmic Kids!




Use the maths prompt included to help with this.

Step 11 – multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.
Comprehension questions from ‘Making a mess’ – a play

Work from mathletics – set for the week.

Grammar – adverbs in speech

Thursday Step 12 – dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000, use the place value prompt again Extended write – writing a short play

Times table speed test.

Please note that you will need a protractor for maths next week.

Read Kensuke’s Kingdom Chapter Five and complete the questions.

Please see the guidance documents in each learning folder for clear instructions 

There’s a focus this week on your local area, you’ll need to do some research throughout the week.

              Maths                                                                                       Literacy                                                                           Other Physical / Mindfulness

Physical Education:


PE with Jo Wicks



Arithmetic starter task


Focus: Angles in special quadrilaterals 

Look at new weekly spellings


Writing opportunity: Newspaper Report


Literacy Focus: Complete work set on Friday (Bank Holiday)


Reading:  Understanding words in context


Weekly project:


A table of daily projects can be found on the ‘Enrichment Projects’ guidance sheet.  Although there is one per day, there is no expectation for you to complete them all. Just take a look and see what looks fun for you! J




Also, please see our school page for weekly RE projects. There will be a weekly theme along with a story, video and activity. Miss Lingard is SO eager to see pictures of your learning with this as RE is so important to us at St Luke’s. She’d like me to email your work to her!


Head to our school website, visit the correct home learning tab, find the ‘Weekly RE activity’ heading. Here you will find the learning.


Arithmetic starter task


Focus:   Angles in regular polygons

Literacy Focus:  Identifying features of an information leaflet


Reading: Sustained Read


Arithmetic starter task


Focus:  Problem solving

Literacy Focus: identifying the features of a text


Reading: Space – Moondust 



Arithmetic starter task


Focus: Problem solving 

Literacy Focus: Formality


Reading: The Humble Potato


Arithmetic starter task


Focus:  Maths Challenges 

Extended write


Spelling assessment


Email extended writes to Mrs Hill





Your child will have their own individual login


Your child will have their own individual login



username - student28023

 password - church

username - march20

password -  home

Setting this up is really easy to do -

go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 

enter code - UKTWINKLHELPS








Our friends at ASM have created a Youtube channel to help you to stay active at home





Join Joe daily at 9.00


Ashley Banjo is offering free access to     his online dance school for a limited time.