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6th July updates:     class timetables, , Charity Nominations results

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  Dear Children,

This is your chance to show everyone how clever and amazing you are. We hope that you enjoy the activities we have planned for you.

 Keep in touch and watch this space for what we have in store for you next week.


Mrs Elkin 


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This page provides links to external sites that we would like your child/ children to access in order to continue with their learning over then next few weeks. This page will be updated weekly.






God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1






Helplines                        Staying Safe Online                   Childline         

NSPCC Covid-19 advice      NSPCC books for children

Please remember to follow our rules for staying safe online.                                 

We now have new E-safety activities for you to complete. Please click on the link below for your age group


4-5's                   5-7's                  8-10's                    11-13's



Florence's Fitness Frenzy                                    

Singing with Miss Morris


ASM Virtual Sports Day

Alex and his team at ASM have created a Virtual Sports Day feel free to take a look.

Virtual Sports Day videos

Activity 1   Activity 2      Activity3       Activity 4        Activity 5      Activity 6          Score Card

Sports challenge












(see plan)

Brain    Break



(See Plan)    




Reading          Challenge         
Monday To manage their own basic hygiene (i.e. washing their face/hands, brushing                   teeth, going to the toilet etc.) and get dressed independently

Recep  sc, sk, sm, st blends   


Cosmic Yoga  Coco the butterfly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT-s1-phgxs

Give change from 10p using penny coins  Use knife and  fork correctly                                        

See                        The Very Hungry Caterpillar    activities sheet

Religious Education What do Christians believe happens when we die?                      

    Recap on why Christians go to church:               

To give thanks at Harvest, Christmas & Easter.                         

To praise God in prayers & songs                       

 To listen to  & learn about the Bible stories 

To celebrate; Wedding,  Christening, Well Dressing

Tell the children that people also go to celebrate someone’s life.  

Can the children say what the Bible tells us about Jesus when he died?  (make reference to body in a tomb)

Children may be able to relate if they have buried a pet or visited a relative’s grave. Allow them to reflect and share their feeling and experience.                 Watch Church tour Part 4:  http://request.org.uk/restart/2015/01/12/tour-of-a-church/

Q: can the chd say why we will find a gravestone at the church? (to help us to remember)

How can we also remember those special to us – In prayer  / lit a candle  / visit their grave to take flowers 

Can you continue to read every day?

E-Books Oxford Owl have many free on-line book titles for you and your child to access. Create a login on  www.oxfordowl.co.uk              

Read this comic:   

  Lunch Box https://phonicsplaycomics.co.uk/comic_ph4_lunch_box.html


Compound words 

Little Butterfly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YPMKtYTkU8

Find the change using pictures  Use knife and fork correctly

Compound words 

Butterfly wings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lkza_tRlNRE

Finding the Total Cost of 2 items to 10p Use knife and fork correctly


Butterfly Dance  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQeYA5Qbic     

 Finding the Total Cost of 2 items to 20p Use knife and fork correctly


Get the beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsonHTjcnj4

Make up your own Money Problems for others to solve Use knife and fork correctly





Purple Mash





Access this website to access your free eBooks: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/#

Other    Physical / mindfulness
Monday Describe turns ir




Science: Use the super science vocabulary you have learned to describe your toys.

Art: Practise your scissor skills as you make a Jack-in-the-box.  There’s a cup and ball game to make as well.

History: What will you choose to sell in your toy shop?  Fill the shelves with toys from the past and toys from today.

I have also added a fun task for you to do on Purple Mash – enjoy!

Balance Beam Challenge 

Stick a long piece of tape to the floor and get your family to walk across the beam without falling off.

You can make it more challenging by having them hop from one balance beam to another.


While you have the tape out, why not set up a game of hopscotch?              

   Use a bean bag or stone to toss onto the squares of the hopscotch area.                 

Alternatively, you can use chalk to mark one out in your garden

Tuesday Describe posititon ur

Poetry lesson 2

Wednesday Describe position y as in ee

Poetry lesson 3

Thursday Problem solving with position y as in i

Poetry lesson 4



 y as in i (eye)

Poetry lesson 5


                                    Maths                                                               Literacy                                                            



Physical/ Mindfulness               


Please see the guidance documents in each learning folder for clear instructions

Measure : Length

Literacy/ Reading Focus: To retrieve information 


Weekly project:


A table of daily projects can be found on the ‘Enrichment Projects’ guidance sheet.

 Although there is one per day, there is no expectation for you to complete them all. 

Just take a look and see what looks fun for you! 

 Physical Education:


  • PE with Jo Wicks

Compare Lenght 

Literacy Focus:  To find the meaning of words

Four operations with length

Literacy Focus: To identify  and use powerful verbs and adverbs

Compare mass  


 To identify the features of  an action scene


Focus:   Friday challenge 

Literacy Focus:  To write an action scene






Each day will comprise of a ppt,

work and extension option.




Other                                                             Physical/ Mindfulness

Capacity – problem solving

Diary writing poster

Music – see school website link



RE – Judaism – symbols and meanings


Creative lesson menu – have a look at the links –

copy and paste them and try some of the activities from the National Academy website!




Physical Activity and Mindfulness:



Complete an online PE class this may be Joe Wicks.


When you wake up try doing some stretches to wake yourself up and stretch those muscles.


Design your own garden sports day. Time yourself if you have no one to compete with!

Tuesday Measuring capacity Time adverbials activity
Wednesday Compare capacities Writing a diary entry - now

Add and subtract capacities

Writing a diary entry - Victorian


Times Tables speed test and calculations 
Grammar and spelling quiz activity

Spelling Focus: 

Spelling Focus: suffix ‘ation’

information  adoration  sensation  preparation  admiration  foundation  qualification  experimentation  exploration  examination



Mathletics Tasks

Purple Mash:

2Do – Create a line graph


Access this website to access your free eBooks:


Other Physical / Mindfulness

Summer Term 2nd Half Week 6 lesson 1:

Identifying angles

(White Rose Maths)

Lesson 1:  Non-chronological Report (link to Science)
Reading – comprehension, vocabulary choice and word meaning

Science: Changes to habitats


RE: What can we learn from a Mosque?


Art: Explore the use of angles in art (Wassily Kandinsky)


Music: YUMU activities


Why not set-up your own f!amily sports day


Check out Kids Bop and have fun getting active


Summer Term 2nd Half Week 6 lesson 2:

Angles, comparing and ordering

(White Rose Maths)

Lesson 2:  Non-chronological Report Reading - comprehension

Writing -  structure


Summer Term 2nd Half Week 6 lesson 3:

Classifying triangles

(White Rose Maths)

Lesson 3:  Non-chronological Report Reading - features
Writing -  using the features
Summer Term 2nd Half Week 6 lesson 4:

Classifying quadrilaterals (White Rose Maths)

Lesson 4:  Non-chronological Report
SPaG - conjunctions

Summer Term 2nd Half Week 6:

Purple Mash 2Do activities:

2Do – Name 2D shapes

2Do – Acute and obtuse angles

Lesson 5:   Non-chronological Report

Writing -  a non-chronological report

Spelling & handwriting – set 9



  Maths              Final topic- Volume! See teaching notes                                 Literacy Other   Physical/Mindfulness  
Monday Step 1 – What is volume?

Spelling test and new spellings to learn.

Create your very own rocket that you designed last week! (adult supervision needed to launch) - send me a video
if you manage to launch one!

Computing Purple Mash - See 2Do - Create your own maze game with a space theme on 2DIY3D
Music Work through the songs on your YUMU account! New song ‘Living on a prayer!’
Art Try out some origami - choose your favourite in the folder!
Learn one of the dances on Kids Bop for a brain break!
Choose a positive thinking activity!



Tuesday Step 2 – compare volume Work on apostrophes
Wednesday Step 3 – estimate volume Writing a book review on Kensuke’s Kingdom
Thursday Step 4 – estimate capacity Grammar booklet - test


Marking the test and going over answers

Please see the guidance documents in each learning folder for clear instructions 

There’s a focus this week on your local area, you’ll need to do some research throughout the week.

              Maths                                                                                       Literacy                                                                           Other Physical / Mindfulness

Physical Education:


PE with Jo Wicks

Monday Area and perimiter


Reading focus: Comprehension questions

See enrichment projects



 Tuesday Area of a triangle

Writing focus: Identify the key features

Wednesday  Area of a parallelogram

Writing focus: Planning including rhyme and archaic language

Thursday Volume of a cuboid
Writing focus: Write a poem
Friday Challenges

During this session, we will be writing a poem.





Your child will have their own individual login


Your child will have their own individual login



username - student28023

 password - church

username - march20

password -  home

Setting this up is really easy to do -

go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 

enter code - UKTWINKLHELPS








Our friends at ASM have created a Youtube channel to help you to stay active at home





Join Joe daily at 9.00


Ashley Banjo is offering free access to     his online dance school for a limited time.