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Engagement with the School Council helps develop strategic, organisational, communication skills.

Children are elected by their peers, following self-written speeches of introduction shared within each class, annually. Through interaction with the Learning Forum, priorities for change are developed.

Plans to convert ideas into action are then formulated, in collaboration with the headteacher. These plans will include contacting and dealing with service providers, ordering the logistics of actions to be completed and proposing the plans to the PSA for funding.

Our School Council members for 2020 - 2021


Year 6- Ami, Max, Miley and Olly

Year 5 - Maisie, Malachi and Trinity

Year 4 -Blake and Poppy - Mae

Year 3 - Charlie and Sienna

Year 2 -Euan and George

Year 1- Dilys and Lucas


 Here are our Year 6 members talking a little about the 5 Be's 



So far this year, our School Council members have helped to design a new visual for our 5 Be's of Great Learning. We have also linked these to important people from the bible.


We are pleased to announce that the development of the FS / KS1 playground is now going ahead. We are very excited to see the finished result.