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 The results are in.

We are pleased to announce that  the chosen charities are :

International  - Railway Children

National -  Green Fingers Charity

Local - The Donna Louise

We would like to say  Thank You to you for your nominations and we are looking forward to supporting these wonderful charities over the next year.

Our Year 6 pupils have chosen 12 charities - 4 international, 4 national and 4 local.

Please take a look at the powerpoints below then choose one charity from each group. Please complete the survey to share your responses.

We hope to share the results of the chosen charities on Monday 6th July so please complete the survey by Friday 3rd July.

Thank you 



The Global Fund for Children            The Railway Children                Ronald  McDonald House                         Save the Children


National Charities

The Bumblebee Children Charity                           The Children's Society                            Dream Makers                            Green Fingers 


Local Charities

      Alice Charity                                            Cauldwell Children                                 The  Donna Louise                                    Peter Pan Centre


Charity Nomination Form





We have been very busy buying poppies, wristbands and badges to help to raise money for the Royal  British Legion.  We held a lovely Remembrance Day assembly where we thought about the soldiers who fought in previous wars and those and their familes who are serving today.

We have been very busy buying poppies, wristbands and badges to support the Royal British Legion.  We held a Remembrance Day service to think about the soldiers who have died in previous wars and to think about those and their families who are serving in today.

Our Charity Co-ordinators have been working hard to organise their first event of the year.  Orienteering activities were planned and led by the children.  This was a very successful and enjoyable day. We raised £328.50, which was gratefully received . So thank you for helping us to support this event.